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    Holi: 5 Traditional Treats To Savour During The Festival Of Colors

    New Delhi [India]: With Holi 2023 just around the corner, celebrations for the festival have already begun.

    There is a feeling of enthusiasm among Indians, as they are preparing to play the auspicious festival of colours with their friends and family.

    However, with the vibrant colours of gulal making the air jazzy, Holi is also a festival when people savour a gamut of scrumptious sweet dishes as the festival can not be considered complete without its traditional food and beverages. On this day, houses are filled with the delicious aroma of sweet and scrumptious sweet delicacies, which add a spark to the festival celebration. Gujiyas, Malpuas, Dahi Bhallas, and a lot more of these mouth-watering traditional treats are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

    So, if you are planning to treat your family members to Holi’s special sweet delicacies or enjoy some by yourself, then here are some traditional food items that are a must-try on this festive occasion.

    Traditional Thandai

    Thandai is a relaxing and refreshing drink made of milk, sugar, and nuts. A glass of Thandai gives instant energy and sets the mood for playing with colours the whole day. There is a tradition of Thandai, prevalent in North India, where you can also make ‘Bhang ki Thandai’ from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Its effect depends on the potency of the cannabis used in it. Keep this strictly out of reach of children, as only adults can consume it.

    A signature Holi dish, Gujiyas, also known as Karanjis, are among the most common sweets that are prepared in every Indian household during this festival. It is stuffed with Khoya and made crispy by deep-frying it. If you want homemade gujiyas, you can easily prepare them all with coconut, sugar, or jaggery and crushed dry fruits. However, if you cannot make it yourself, then simply buy it from the market.

    Malpua is a traditional Indian sweet. It is a pancake-like dish, fried in ghee and soaked in sugar syrup. Its batter includes coconut, flour, milk, and dry fruits, while cardamom provides a touch of flavour. Malpua has silky flavours, made with simple ingredients. You must try this with rabdi if you want a wholesome experience!!
    Dahi Bhalla

    Dahi Bhalla is very popular during the Holi festival. Here’s how you can make dahi bhalle. Soak urad dal (black gram) overnight, then prepare a paste, add a pinch of salt to it, and then deep fry. Take a plate and serve a few pieces of the bhalla, sprinkle roasted spices on it, and also add sweet dahi along with your preferred chutney.

    Enjoy this colourful festival of Holi with your family and friends with these special Indian delights prepared with semolina (suji), milk, and sugar syrup. It is commonly made during festivals such as Holi, Diwali, etc. ‘Suji ka halwa’ is very simple and easy to make. Just add sugar and khoya to the mixture. Then add sliced almonds or chopped pistachios, mix well, and serve hot. 


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