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    5 Ways To Make A Great First Impression At A New Job

    Each organization has its own culture, eccentric drama and politics which can be overwhelming on the first day at work. But it need not be – and it is here that your first impression matters!

    As much as a job is about the quality of your work, it is also your interpersonal relationships that can help take you a long way. Therefore, it is essential to build the right contacts at the very beginning of your time at an organization. The following are some basic suggestions to help you tip-toe your way around the pitfalls and build your network:

    Know the territory
    Talk to the people who work or had previously worked at your new organization. Learn a trick or two, combine them with your previous work experience, and give it your best shot accordingly!

    Be present
    Your mental presence is as important as the physical one. Catering to your cellphone more than the environment right in front does not only make you seem unavailable but is also a sign of professional truancy.

    Body language
    Your body language is the very first thing that is noticed before you even utter a word. It is important that you look, amiable, confident and calm. Smiling is another important aspect; it shows that you are enjoying being with others.

    Share plausible personal details, do not overshare
    Sharing personal details about yourself like your interests, pets, and hobbies is a great way to help keep the conversation light, while also creating a sense of authenticity and warmth. Any controversial topic or comment should be avoided.

    Ask for help
    If you are unsure about a thing at work; ask! It will not only help you to avoid landing yourself in an unnecessary mess but will also help create a network. People like being a helping hand, and hate know-alls!
    Remember, it’s easier to make a good first impression than to correct a negative one.


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