Singer Surabhi Sravani

Surabhi Sravani. The very name would evoke memories of good number rendered in her rich, reverberating and resonant voice to the music lovers. With her mellifluous voice she has breathed life into the lyrics, bringing out the right emotion lying under each word and making the song waft straight into the listener’s heart. What ever the language is and what ever the mood of the song is …she presents that without changing the feel of the lyrics… Born in Vijayanagaram in a music-loving family, Sravani had an innate talent in music. Her father Bhanoji Rao and mother Aparna arranged for her training in Carnatic music at a very young age. With a properly nurtured talent, she used to participate any competition in music held in her school or in Vijayanagaram and had always come home with the first prize in each competition. She then went to the Music College in Vijayanagaram and passed her diploma in first class. Her natural taste for music and her voice of gold were finely honed by the training she received from her GURUS namely

1. Smt. Patri Nirmala Garu
2. Smt. Patibandla Janaki Garu
3. Sri. Tirupathi Gopala Krishna Garu


1. Participated in “Once More Please” conducted by Gemini T.V and Won first prize.
2. Participated in Zee Telugu “SaRiGaMaPa” and won 50,000/- cash prize and secured 3rd place
3. “Natya Ravali Award” has given by Natya Ravali Academy of Vizag
4. “Best Singer of Vizianagaram 2007” received from the District Collector, Vijayanagaram
5. Devotional Album “Sri Sai Leela Gaana Jhari” released in the Music Direction of Sri P.V Sai Baba Garu.
6. Performed Shows in Gulf Countries
7. Participated in “Okkare” competition and secured 5th place which was organized
by ETV
8. “Yuva Gaana Gandharva” award by Tirupati film society
9. First song released in the music direction of ILAYARAJA Garu for the film SRI

Other Experiences
Hosted Swara Neerajanam Program in Zee Telugu Channel.

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